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A Bounce House In Elk Grove Helps Kids Jump for Health and Learning

Children have lots of rambunctious energy gets them running, climbing, and jumping everywhere. While it can be a little taxing and stressful at times to keep up with them and also keep them under control, parents should try to find a balance between safe behavior and high-spirited play, which studies find, is important for their health.
Children who remain physically active develop healthy bodies as they grow up. The American Heart Association recommends at least one hour of play daily for children, to minimize the risk of heart disease and obesity that could develop in their later years. In fact, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion, jumping ten times twice a day provides greater-bone building benefits compared to running and jogging. In other words, jumping strengthens your child’s bones more than any other activity.
How do you encourage a lot of jumping for health and loads of fun? Whenever the occasion presents itself—a birthday, a summer get-together, barbecue parties, etc.—clear a space in your backyard for a bounce house in Elk Grove for the kids to enjoy.   
Studies also reiterate that play helps children develop important social skills and values in life. For example, a simple game of hopscotch and stickball gives them early training on thinking about numbers and mathematics. A game of hide-and-seek teaches them to explore, while riding a bike helps develop their balance. A game of puzzles sharpens their problem solving skills, and dress-up tea parties enhance their imagination and creative thinking. Through play, children learn to regulate their emotions, which becomes an important skill to master later in life.
Children who play with parents, siblings, and other children also develop a sense of teamwork and consideration for other people. If you have opened up your home for your children to invite their friends to play check out bounce house rentals in Elk Grove like Slides A Lot and choose from a wide and interesting range of inflatables that the children will love and enjoy. There are castle water slides, obstacle courses, and velcro walls.
A study in the Journal of School Health shows that children who are physically active do better in school than those who are not. You cannot underestimate the value of social skills children acquire through play.  
There is certainly more to playing and jumping than just the release pent-up energy. A good dose of fun and play in the early years creates significantly positive effects on children as they grow up. With kids it is from activity and play that they learn the most. 


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