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Renting a Bounce House and Other Things to Make a Birthday Memorable

Parents in Elk Grove want their children to be happy on their birthdays, especially for the younger children. There are actually a lot of options for parents wanting to have a memorable celebration for their kid, from renting a bounce house to hiring a clown. The problem is you don’t want to go overboard with all of the choices. Here are a few tips for organizing a birthday celebration without making it embarrassing for your kids.
Think of a Theme

The first thing you can do is to narrow down your choices. The best way to do this is by thinking of a theme, which could range from a simple pool party to a fairy-tale costume party. Choosing a theme makes it easier to decide what sort of things or gimmicks should be included in your child’s party. The theme influences the type of decorations you can put up and where the party will be held. With summer at its peak, an outdoor party would be a good idea. Consider a barbecue party with hotdogs and marshmallows on stick and great outdoor games, to take advantage of the good weather.
Plan Well Ahead
If you’re thinking of holding a theme party, you should plan way ahead. Having plans in place can make things a lot easier, because you get to anticipate problems and prepare for them, ensuring that everyone has a fun time. The first part of your plan should be the guest list. For very young children, you can draw it up on your own, but if your child has reached the age of three or four, they should be consulted when making it. The next part should be thinking of a venue. Your home is the obvious answer, but you may consider other places, like the park or a friend’s backyard. You’ll want a place that would fit your theme and also accommodate all of your guests.
Entertainment and Food
The core of the party is the entertainment and food. With a horde of children running around, you’ll want something to hold their attention. An excellent way to keep them amused is to rent a bounce house or water slide. Bounce house rentals near Sacramento, like Slides A Lot, have a wide variety of bounce houses that would fit your theme.
Another source of fun is an entertainer. A clown or a magician is the traditional choice, but you may want theme characters, such as Disney cartoon characters, Marvel super heroes, or the like. Of course, with all the fun, the children will be famished. Short parties will only need cake and ice cream. Have a variety of flavors served so that no child goes home unsatisfied.

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