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Renting a Bounce House in Elk Grove: Some Safety Tips to Remember

School is out, and what better way to get your kids moving this summer than to have a bounce house for some bouncy fun? These set-ups are popular especially during birthday parties and summer days, and they work great in keeping your kids active in a fun and entertaining way.
The key in avoiding any injuries from happening is by following basic safety procedures. In renting a bounce house in Elk Grove, you, as a parent, must be aware of these basic safety measures to give your children a fun and safe bounce house experience.
What Not to Wear or Do
Before letting anyone inside the bounce house, ensure that your kids aren’t wearing eyeglasses and jewelry, and that they don’t have any sharp objects on their pockets. Ask them to take off their shoes before entering the bounce house, and advise them against doing any tumbling, flips, wrestling, or any form of excessively rough play inside.
Generally, children aged 6 years old and above can be allowed to play in a bounce house as long as an adult is present to oversee everything.
Parent Supervision a Must
It’s highly recommended that an adult must always be present while kids are playing inside a bounce house. If you’re to supervise their play, you must enforce separating a group of children into smaller groups, each having children of same ages and weights. You should also limit the number of children playing inside the bounce house at all times, and make sure they stay clear of the entrance when bouncing to make sure that no one will fall out.
Placing the Bounce House
The bounce house needs to be placed on a flat surface free from any objects like rocks, sticks, and sprinkler systems. The area around the bounce house should also have an open space, away from any tree branch or power line.
Keeping these safety tips in mind can come in handy when looking for Elk Grove or Sacramento bounce house rentals, offered by companies like Slides A Lot. Bounce houses can facilitate safe, enjoyable, and memorable bonding activities as long as you make sure to enforce these safety tips.
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